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A commitment to innovation and the promotion, conduct and use of research to improve the current and future health and care of the population is part of the key principles of the NHS Constitution.

We are one of the most research active trusts in the country and have one of the highest levels of recruitment to clinical trials for mental health in the country. In 2015/16 1043 service users and carers took part. In addition to hosting three NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) Senior Investigators, we host a number of NIHR grants; two programme grants,four research for patient benefit grants, one fellowship and one health services delivery grant. We are sponsor in two clinical (drug) trials, and have been involved in a number of commercial drugs trials.

There are now 82 publications identified for Trust related researchers for 2016. 18 have Trust affiliated authors. Previous quarter there were 42 publications so far for 2016, 5 of which had Trust related authors.  Source: Annual Business Plan Ojectives 2016/2017 Quarter 1

We also have an international reputation for our work in the area of suicide prevention and research into people living with dementia. The Trust works closely with the Comprehensive Research Network to support research in line with the Prime Ministers Challenge on dementia.  Please see the DeNDRoN website for more information.

We have strong partnership arrangements with a number of key organisations, including Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC),commissioners, Manchester City Council, Manchester University, independent and third sector.   We are also part of the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network. This organisation will work collaboratively across disciplines, sectors and traditional boundaries, to support effective research.

Our service users and the wider community are central to what we do.  We want to ensure that the research carried out at the Trust makes a real difference to the lives of people.

The NHS is recognised as a world leader in innovation; however the best ideas can sometime fail to be taken up in the NHS.  Innovation and investment into research has a big part to play in how we continue to improve outcomes for patients and deliver value for money.

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