Member and Governor Zone

Welcome to the Governor Zone. In this section you will find useful information if you are already a governor or thinking of becoming a governor.

What is a Member?

Being a member of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust gives people the opportunity to get involved in the decisions we make and help us to plan and develop local services.  It also means you can get to learn about opportunities to become more involved in the Trust, as well as voting on Governor elections and even standing for election yourself.

What is a Governor?

Governors have an important role in making the Trust publicly accountable for the services we provide.

They are elected by GMMH members or appointed by one of our partnership organisations and form the Council of Governors. Appointed governors represent stakeholder organisations such as our local councils or charities. Governors are responsible for representing the interests of members to the Trust’s Board of Directors. Members can be service users, their family members, carers, staff and members of the public.


Information on how to become a Governor or Member



GMMH107 Members A5 Booklet (v1.3) eProof.pdf [pdf] 47KB GMMH107 Governors A5 Booklet (v1.3) eProof.pdf [pdf] 47KB

Upcoming Meetings

The Council of Governors meets on a quarterly basis at various sites across the Trust. Meetings are open for members of the public and staff to observe.

Click here for more information about Governors meetings.

Upcoming Events


Here you can find events taking place at the Trust. If you are interested in attending any of these events or need any more information please contact

Governor Events
Event Date



GMMH Interfaith Event to Mark Interfaith Week 15 November 2018

GMMH staff and chaplains will be hosting service users for prayers, cultural networking and refreshments in the Orangery Café.

Antibiotics Awareness Week GMMH event

15 November 2018

To increase awareness of antibiotic misuse there will be a stall at The Curve and at Park House where key information will be displayed around WAAW 2018’s two key messages: ‘Think twice. Seek Advice.’ and ‘Misuse of Antibiotics puts us all at Risk.’

Alcohol Awareness Week 19 November 2018 to 25 November 2018 

Alcohol Awareness Week is a chance to drive a conversation about alcohol and signpost those who need help to the support they need. Various activities and awareness stalls will take place across GMMH with details on the Events Calendar.

Alcohol Awareness session for AA week

19 November 2018 to 23 November 2018

In support of Alcohol Awareness week, there will be alcohol awareness sessions at the Bridgewater House in Sale and The Orchard in Salford. The Orchard Café will also be adding a daily special Mocktail to the menu.

North of England Psychiatry Congress

23 November 2018

This event will share some of the amazing work that is being led by local academic experts in psychiatry




















Social Media

Please get involved in our social media conversations! 

We realise the world of social media can be quite daunting so we have put together a handy guide to help you engage safely and effectively in all aspects of social networking.  Please click here for some guidance: Social Media Cheat Sheet.

If you have any further queries please contact the Marketing and Communications Team on 0161 358 1644 or email

Contact Information

For more information regarding the Council of Governors please contact Steph Neville, Stakeholder Development Manager on 0161 358 1601 or by email:

For membership enquiries please email: