Research Results

NIHR Funded Research Results

You can access publications for NIHR funded research from the NIHR journals library. The NIHR Journals Library comprises of a suite of five open access peer-reviewed journals reporting results from a range of health research areas. Reports published in the NIHR Journals Library provide a full account of the research project, including methods and a full description of the results. All journals in the NIHR Journals Library are open access and are free to view and download online (print copies can be purchased from the individual report pages).

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Research Results Within GMMH

Greater Manchester Mental Health is a research active trust. Here is a sample of some of the research GMMH has been involved in.

Mental Health

Psychological approaches to understanding and promoting recovery in psychosis and bipolar disorder: a mixed-methods approach
Authors: Morrison AP, Law H, Barrowclough C, Bentall RP, Haddock G, Jones SH, Kilbride M, Pitt E, Shryane N, Tarrier N, Welford M, Dunn G.
Journal: Programme Grants for Applied Research Volume: 4 Issue: 5
Publication date: May 2016

Randomised controlled trial of Antiglucocorticoid augmentation (metyrapone) of antiDepressants in Depression (ADD Study)
Authors: Ferrier I Nicol, Anderson IM, Barnes J, Gallagher P, Grunze HCR, Haddad PM, House AO, Hughes T, Lloyd AJ, Mamasoula C, McColl E, Pearce S, Siddiqi N,
Journal: Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Volume: 2 Issue: 4
Publication date: June 2015

A cross-sectional prevalence survey of psychotropic medication prescribing patterns in prisons in England
Authors: Hassan L, Frisher M, Senior J, Tully M, Webb R, While D, Shaw J.
Journal: Health Services and Delivery Research Volume: 2 Issue: 33
Publication date: September 2014

Developing a model of mental health self-care support for children and young people through an integrated evaluation of available types of provision involving systematic review, meta-analysis and case study
Authors: Pryjmachuk S, Elvey R, Kirk S, Kendal S, Bower P, Catchpole R.
Journal: Health Services and Delivery Research Volume: 2 Issue: 18
Publication date: June 2014

Smoking Cessation Intervention for severe Mental Ill Health Trial (SCIMITAR): a pilot randomised control trial of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a bespoke smoking cessation service
Authors: Peckham E, Man MS, Mitchell N, Li J, Becque T, Knowles S, Bradshaw T, Planner C, Parrott S, Michie S, Shepherd C, Gilbody S
Journal: Health Technology Assessment Volume: 19 Issue: 25
Publication date: March 2015


Study of the use of antidepressants for depression in dementia: the HTA -SADD trial - a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of sertraline and mirtazapine
Authors: Banerjee S, Hellier J, Romeo R, Dewey M, Knapp M, Ballard C, Baldwin R, Bentham P, Fox C, Holmes C, Katona C, Lawton C, Lindesay J, Livingston G, McCrae N, Moniz-Cook E, Murray J, Nurock S, Orrell M, O'Brien J, Poppe M, Thomas A, Walwyn R, Wilson K, Burns A
Journal: Health Technology Assessment Volume: 17 Issue: 7
Publication date: March 2013