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The Specialist Psychotherapy Service provides a range of specialist therapies for people experiencing personality disorders and severe interpersonal difficulties.  Treatment focuses on the development of the service user's understanding of himself/herself.  The therapies involve helping people to tolerate difficult feelings that have previously been acted upon destructively in relationships and that can result in self-harm and harm to others.

“Thank you.  You have been most welcoming every time I have visited or called the Service.  Always calm, smiling, non-judgemental, absolutely first class.  I hope you are aware how much I have appreciated your role.”

A comment made by a service user to a member of staff

The service provides individual and group therapies to help those with longstanding difficulties to make improvements in their wellbeing and in relationships. We also offer services such as:

Transference Focused Therapy is a once weekly individual treatment of 12-24 months.  It is an evidence based treatment developed for people with borderline and narcissistic personality disorders.

Complex Trauma Service is a specialist clinic which offers consultation and treatment to people who have experienced a significant traumatic event.  We offer a brief, four session treatment, and a longer term weekly trauma focused individual therapy.

Individual Psychoanalytic Therapy is a weekly therapy that aims to increase a person’s understanding of their inner world and its influence over the relationships, both past and present.  The relationship with the therapist is an important element in this therapy and offers the opportunity for an individual to identify and change their patterns of relating to others.

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Telephone: 0161 358 1777
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