Carers Assessments

What is a Carer’s Assessment?

We understand that at times supporting someone with mental health or problems with alcohol or drugs can be challenging and we as a Trust would like to engage and support you as much as possible.

A carer’s assessment is a way for our staff to find out what your experience of caring is and to see whether there is any support we are able to offer you to enable you to continue to provide care. A carer’s assessment is an opportunity to look at your needs, your health and wellbeing and whether you wish to receive support. It will cover areas such as:

  • Need for information
  • Need for a break or time away from the cared for person
  • A need for practical, emotional or financial support
  • Looking at opportunities for leisure, employment and a ‘life of your own’ alongside your caring role
  • Contingency planning and managing a crisis

Many carers find it difficult to talk about their experience and the problems they may encounter but our staff are trained to engage and involve you as much as possible in the cared for persons care plan and recognise the need for you to be supported.

The process involves a carer’s assessment form being completed. This can be done with the professional involved or you can complete this yourself and share it with our staff. You will be given a copy and it will be recorded as to what support will be given as agreed with you and this support will begin as soon as is practicable.

The assessment is reviewed on an annual basis to see if your circumstances have changed and if any change to the support offered is necessary.

How do I get an Assessment?

In the first instance, speak to your care-coordinator who will be able to arrange for your Carers Assessment to take place.  They are often best placed to complete the carers assessment with you.

If you live in a different local authority to where the person you care for receives their care (outside of the GMMH footprint) it will be your local authority who would complete the assessment with you.  You can phone them to ask for your assessment or write to them.  Click HERE  for a letter template to send to your local authority.