Psychosexual services

Psychosexual Therapy Service is a city wide service offering specialist assessment and treatment for all forms of sexual dysfunctions working with both physical and psychological factors.

Specialist treatments are provided for:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature or other ejaculatory disorders
  • Orgasmic difficulties
  • Vaginismus and dyspareunia (pain at the commencement of, during or after intercourse)
  • Problems of libido (reduced or excessive sex drive/interest
  • Sexual arousal problems
  • Specific sexual fears or phobias
  • Relationship difficulties where (i) these co-exist with a predominantly sexual problem, and (ii) the relationship is good enough to sustain psychological treatment for the sexual problem



Referral Criteria

  • Clients must meet one of the above categories of sexual dysfunction
  • Clients must be aged 16 years or over (no upper age limit)
  • Individuals or couples must be sufficiently motivated to attend therapy sessions regularly
  • The service is unable to see 'urgent' referrals
  • The service is unable to accept self-referrals
  • The psychosexual service is unable to provide long-term care or support for clients