Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Which programme should I do - PG Diploma or Foundation?

A:  The decision regarding whether to apply for our PG Diploma or Foundation programmes would be very much linked to your current knowledge and practice experience of CBT.  If you have used CBT with a few clients, under specialist CBT supervision, maybe attended some workshops/read some CBT texts to inform your practice, you may be eligible for the PG Diploma.  If you haven’t used specific CBT models under supervision, you should probably choose the Foundation.

Q:  Is there a difference in course content between the IAPT pathway and the self-funded pathway?

A:  The route in is very different; you would need to apply for a High Intensity training post to access our IAPT route (although we would consider allowing someone to self-fund the IAPT route should they be able to assure us that their clinical job would provide equivalent experience) whereas the CT Pathway can be accessed by anyone able to see appropriate clients.

The two pathways overlap to a great extent.  They differ in quantity, in that the IAPT pathway is two days per week for most of the academic year, and requires more teaching hours to meet fully the BABCP accreditation criteria. The IAPT pathway also has some different content to fulfil the demands of the IAPT national curriculum for High Intensity workers (some of which is specific to IAPT services, with some more general elements like Behaviour Therapy for specific phobias).  The CT pathway has an independent study unit (an extended essay) instead of these additional extra taught elements.

Q:   What if I do not have a degree?

A:  You do not have to have a degree.  Non-graduates are sked to submit a short essay prior to the course to demonstrate that they can work at the required academic level.

Q:  What if I have been on a career break and my registration is not up to date?

A:  If you are not registered with your professional body you would need to access the course via the KSA route (please see the relevant web page for details and the required pro-forma).

Q:  Can you help with arranging a placement to see clients?

A:  Unfortunately, we are not able to arrange placements to meet the clinical requirements, although the programme does provide intensive supervision, which might help reassure a service should you approach them for some volunteer work (they would need to provide clinical governance arrangements and appropriate general supervision).

Q:  Do you know of any IAPT or CBT posts coming up?

A:  You would have to check the NHS jobs website.

Q:  Is the content of the Foundation programme repeated on the PG Diploma?

A:  The Foundation is much shorter and more introductory.  There would be material in common with the two programmes, but the structure is very different, as is the breadth and depth to which topics are explored.

Q:  Do I have to have access to clients to apply for the Foundation programme?

A:  The Foundation has recently been re-designed so that students don’t have to find suitable clients to work with on the course. This redesign will allow greater access for health and social care workers who would have difficulties accessing appropriate clients with which to train (i.e. clients with mild to moderate mental health problems). Students will now be assessed and supervised via clinical role-plays.

Q:  How do I get on the CYP IAPT programme?

A:  To apply for a place on the CYP IAPT programme, a person has to be within the partnership which is part of the North West CYP IAPT learning collaborative.