Safe Staffing

Staff member on ward filling out documents.At GMMH we understand that coming into a hospital can be a worrying and anxious time for you.  It is important that you know that when you do come to us for your care, you will be well-looked after by highly-skilled and experienced staff who will do their utmost to help through your recovery.

To further reassure you, we will publish our staffing levels every month, so you can see how we staff our wards and that we operate at a safe level.  Effective staffing levels are crucial to making sure we offer you the best possible care and we want you to know that we take this issue very seriously from board level to front line staff on the wards.

If there is ever a situation where the levels fall beneath our standards we will use this page to explain what has happened and how we are putting it right.  It is important to us that we are open and transparent at all times – these are your services and we want you to have confidence in them.

It may also reassure you to know that our staff are committed to the Trust’s values which describe a set of behaviours that you can expect to see when receiving care from us.  These values came from our service users and patients who told us what good care felt like.  We have tried to capture these sentiments and use them to help us make decisions about who we recruit and they are constantly reinforced through induction, appraisals, supervision and through our performance.

Below are the staffing levels for the Trust, including when it was still Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, prior to the acquisition of Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust on 1 January 2017. 

Safe Staffing 2018

Month Staffing Levels
September StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepSept2018.pdf [pdf] 139KB
June StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepJun2018.xlsx [xlsx] 26KB
May StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepMay2018.xlsx [xlsx] 26KB
April StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepApr2018.xlsx [xlsx] 26KB
March StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepMar2018.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB
February StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepFeb2018.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB
January StaffingLevelsWebsiteRepJan2018.xlsx [xlsx] 23KB











Month Staffing Levels

Safe Staffing 2015

December StaffingLevels_Dec2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
November StaffingLevels_Nov2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
October StaffingLevels_Oct2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
September StaffingLevels_Sep2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
August StaffingLevels_Aug2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
July Staffing Levels_July2015.[xlsx] 20KB
June Staffing Levels_June2015.[xlsx] 20KB
May Staffing Levels_May2015.[xlsx] 20KB
April Staffing Levels_April2015.[xlsx] 487KB
March Staffing Levels_Mar2015.xlsx [xlsx] 487KB
February Staffing Levels_Feb2015.xlsx [xlsx] 20KB
January Staffing Levels_Jan2015.[xlsx] 21KB

If you ever feel we have not shown these behaviours and you are not happy with anything you or someone you care about has experienced, please do tell us.  You can telephone 0800 587 4793 or 0161 358 0600.  Alternatively you can email

For more information you can download our Customer Care Team leaflet [pdf] 546KB. If you would like a copy of this leaflet in a different language or format please contact the Trust's Customer Care Manager using the details above.